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FREE Becoming Five eBook

Exponential co-founders Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson introduce and explore the Becoming Five framework. Focusing on helping churches identify where they are on the multiplication scale (Levels 1 – 5) and what’s needed to become a Level 5 multiplying church, Todd and Dave champion multiplication and equip future church multipliers to move beyond the prevailing addition-growth scorecards. The book is positioned as a “field guide” to help leaders compare and contrast the differences between subtraction, addition and multiplication cultures.



Becoming Five ebook

Becoming Five Video Training

20+ Hours of Training Videos
Content from Exponential’s 2015, 2016, and 2017 conferences is available via Digital Access Pass. These resources include the talks and creative elements from all main stage sessions at Exponential. Download and use the videos for your personal training, training with your team, or create a custom retreat-type event for your staff or launch teams. Spark: Creating a Culture of Multiplication is the 2015 pass, Becoming a Level 5 Multiplying Church is the 2016 pass, and Dream Big the 2017 pass.


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FREE Dream Big eBook

In this new book, Exponential co-founder Todd Wilson in collaboration with Will Mancini explore Exponential’s focus and theme for 2017. This book is a sequel to Spark: Creating a Culture of Multiplication (2015) and Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church (2016). Wilson and Mancini seek to help church leaders turn their aspirations and good intentions for multiplication into compelling visions with actionable strategies. The book is built on a solid foundation of strategic planning, looking through the lens of multiplication.



Dream Big ebook

2017 Exponential Conferences

Dream Big, Plan Smart: Finding Your Pathway to Level 5 Multiplication.

Our goal with the 2017 Dream Big theme is to help shape your paradigm for multiplication, inspire and encourage you to multiply, and equip you to move forward. Dream Big builds on the framework introduced in Becoming Five, including highlighting key pathways to multiplication. Don’t miss one of the 2017 events in Orlando FL, Washington DC, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago IL, and Houston TX.


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