Multiplication Survey

This survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete if you have the requested data available during the survey.

Your results are only as accurate as the data you provide. Be as accurate as possible in your answers. One way to ensure accuracy is to collect the needed data before taking the survey to avoid making rough approximations while taking the survey (which will make your results inaccurate). Here is a list of data you will need and may want to collect in advance:

  • Average Weekly Attendance over the past year
  • Average Weekly Attendance 3 years ago
  • Current Year Operating Budget
  • Last Year’s Operating Budget
  • The % higher or lower of this year’s income compared with last year’s income
  • Current Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staffing – NOTE:
  • Last Year’s Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staffing
  • New commitments to Jesus Christ as Lord during the past year
  • Number of autonomous church plants you were directly involved in during the past year
  • Number of lay leaders planting churches during past year
  • % of budget going directly to church planting last year
  • % of budget going directly to church planting this current year
  • During past 5 years, the approximate % of your church plants that have themselves gotten involved directly supporting church planting
  • The remaining items are things a person generally knowledgable of the church can complete without collecting data

Click here to download this list of required data in PDF.

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