Kingdom Building

Note: Our Personal Multiplication Leadership Capacity Assessment Tool is based on 5 essential practices from our Hero Maker theme content.  The fifth essential practice is Kingdom Building.

Overview of Kingdom Building

Kingdom building is a shift in counting and how we measure success. Instead of counting the people who show up at “my thing,” I begin to count the leaders whom I send to go out and do “God’s thing.”

Heroes ask, “How do I grow my thing?” Hero Makers ask, “How do we multiply God’s Kingdom?” Heroes tend to measure accumulation and growth. Hero Makers measure release and multiplication.

Heroes grow fantastic orchards with lots of trees in their local context. Hero Makers send leaders to who plant far more orchards than one person could do on their own in a single context.

Heroes primarily measure success by the accumulation metrics inside the local organization. Hero Makers build on these important measures and give equal priority to Kingdom multiplication measures beyond the local organization.

Heroes see their success primarily through the lens of what they accomplish with others in the local context. Hero Makers see success through what others activate and accomplish beyond the local context.

Heroes measure legacy by what they leave behind. Hero Makers measure legacy by what they propel forward.

Short Video Summary

Check out this short video (approximately 9 minutes in duration) where Dave Ferguson, co-author of the book Hero Maker, provides an overview of Kingdom Building.

Making it Personal

Think about the average person you invest yourself into.  Think across the various domains of your life including family, work, church, community, neighbors, and friends. Which question below captures your actual attitudes, behaviors and practices the best?

  • Are you Kingdom building as if your legacy is being made by what you accumulate and leave behind? Are you measuring success by what you accumulate now?
  • Or by the people and leadership potential you release and propel forward beyond yourself?
  • Or are you simply too busy and distracted to be strategic about what legacy you are leaving and how you are pursuing it?

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